Creating a WordPress site on Azure

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Creating a starter WordPress Site on Azure is incredibly simple, and takes very little time. This guide is how to create such a site, and will not cover configuration of WordPress itself.


  1. You have a Microsoft account with Azure access


  1. From, click the “plus” icon, and enter “wordpress” into the search. This will search through the Azure Marketplace, and should result in an official option for WordPress.
  2. Select the WordPress option and you will be provided a form to configure the new solution. This includes
    1. Setting the App name (original website url, default is a subdomain off of
    2. Setting Subscription (how you’ll be billed)
    3. A resource group (used for grouping projects in Azure)
    4. A database provider

      This should be similar to what the WordPress pane will look like
  3. Simply hit create and it will begin creating your site for you.
  4. After the site has finished deploying, you will need to run through the usual WordPress setup, where you define your primary administrative user and password.

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