Azure Continuous Delivery Part 0

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One very nice feature of Azure is Continuous Delivery. Continuous Delivery is called Continuous Integration in other solutions, but the premise is the same. Actually setting up the entire process can take a while, but once set up, it will automatically streamline your code deployments and add stability to your production environment.

So why use Azure Continuous Delivery? Per Azure Portal (as of 1/24/2017):

Continuous Delivery in Visual Studio Team Services simplifies setting up a robust deployment pipeline for your application. The pipeline builds, runs load tests and deploys to staging slot and then to production.

Probably the biggest advantage to utilizing Azure Continuous Delivery is that everything is automatic (unless you say otherwise). I can set up Continuous Delivery to automatically go through every environment and perform tests, among other things, triggered all by pushing code to a specific code branch.

I will be explaining the set up of the entire process in multiple parts:

Part 1 – Team Services Setup and integration
Part 2 – Azure App Service setup
Part 3 – Build and Deploy definitions

At the end of the last part, we’ll have a fully functional and integrated Continuous Delivery setup that will automate deployment to multiple environments, test our code, and conditionally stop the flow, all from a code push.

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