Adventures in DevOps – Start of the journey

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I’ve been a pretty huge fan of DevOps for a while now. I have a serious distaste for having a person tell me that we can’t provide functionality or fix broken code in production due to some artificially imposed limits, such as “we can only release once a week”. Typically, the argument against a lot of deployments is for stability and consistency. However, if something isn’t working as expected in production, having a lot of red tape also delays fixes and improvements from reaching an end user. Personally, I prefer providing value to customers as early as possible, and as often as possible, so I think DevOps is a good thing.

Recently, DevOps has been a bit of a buzzword; kind of “flavor of the month”. On the surface, it seems great, and a piece of cake to do. Just set up a CI/CD pipeline and deploy all the time, no problem. That might be enough for some teams to be successful, but I believe it’s not so simple. I believe that a proper DevOps environment needs multiple things in place to be truly successful, from tooling to mindset.

So, I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts around a lot of different topics on DevOps, and I’m calling it Adventures in DevOps. In this series, I plan to discuss things like different CI/CD platforms, code quality, unit and integration testing, application logging, user experience, cloud services, infrastructure as code, databases, and possibly even team workflows. While not everything is necessary, a lot of these things should be considered when approaching DevOps.

Admittedly, part of my reasoning for writing this blog series is to give myself a more complete knowledge of DevOps. In that pursuit, I also plan on getting my AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification . Historically, I’ve thought that certifications are meaningless, but I haven’t ever gone through getting certified myself. My hope is that this will be a solid avenue. for improving myself with both DevOps and AWS experience.

So stay tuned, I’ll be writing a lot more in the future, covering a lot of topics and technologies.

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